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All 3 coronavirus infographics are approved by the Western Cape Department of Health.

free download Healthcare Worker paper doll

Children can find Healthcare Worker’s PPE frightening. Use this paper doll to show them that underneath all the protective equipment they look just like you and me.

free Coronavirus infographics

Tshivenda A4

download A3
Thanks for the Tshivenda translations to : Azwainewi Timothy Mulangaphuma and Khume Ramulifho – Education Gauteng Legislature DA.

Hygiene Heroes

more translations coming soon…

click here for Tippy Tap image and translations

Hand Washing Station.
Tippy Taps are efficient in areas that don’t have sanitation. Frequent hand washing for 20 seconds with soap is the most effective way to stop the spread of coronavirus (covid 19). Soap destroys the fatty layer that holds the virus together and it cannot survive. The whole contraption is operated by the foot pedal so it is hands free.