Responsible pet care – Animal Anti Cruelty League, Johannesburg 2023/4

Snorkie & Pals – The Learning Trust

SuperScientists activity book

Childsafe SA – water safety poster 2021

Four Paws SA Vegan Pamphlet

Four Paws SA Responsible Pet Ownership Pamphlet

You can download the Responsible Pet Ownership pamphlet for free here

Pamphlets designed for Four Paws South Africa

Childsafe SA infographics, 2020

You can view & download all of the ChildSafe.SA infographics for free

Infographic baby receiving blanket, Malawi
Diarrhoea flipchart, Health Department Western Cape.
A 39 page flipchart.
Four Paws South Africa
Close to animals, Africa edition.
Intaka Island
storyboard signage
Disaster Management, Western Cape
Wildfire Awareness Toolkit, 2016.
Disaster Management, Western Cape
Wildfire activity book.
Cape Nature Trail map
Trail map sign boards for Cape Nature


A logo design for a teenager’s animal rescue organisation