photo: Flims Waldhaus, Adrian Michael

Moni and Felix Spreiter from the town of Flims in Switzerland have generously sponsored 4000 books and Covid-19 handouts for our South African Heroes!

They have selected a number of recipients from our list of organisations.

Thank you!

Levita’s feeding scheme

Levita Mcgregor runs a community feeding scheme on the Cape Flats. She and her team work selflessly to ensure that hundreds of children receive a wholesome meal and Covid-19 information. Some of the Spreiter’s books and infographics were handed out to the children of Kampies – a City of Cape Town-run emergency housing site based in Philippi.

GroundUp article about Kampies

Photo: Mary-Anne Gontsana, GroundUp

Vera’s feeding scheme

Vera and Lynechia Lambert run a community feeding scheme in Delft Leiden. A very generous and socially conscious family, they also organise events for the children and ensure they are up to date on Covid-19 education. Some of the Spreiter’s books and infographics were given to the children at a Christmas party.

”Thanks so much Hero in the hood for the awesome contribution. It was so appreciated. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.”


Delft community

GroundUp article about Delft

Photo by Janine Fortuin, GroundUp

Mark Nicholson, Animal Lifeline and the Lavender Hill sports club

Mark runs a children’s sports programme in gang riddled Lavender Hill. During lockdown he has been operating a feeding scheme from the club. Thanks to Moni and Felix’s sponsorship we have been able to donate books to him twice. Thank you!!

You can read about Mark’s awesome work here

and visit his Face Book page

and their website

Maliyah Solomons – The Voice of the Voiceless Tafelsig

”I would like to greatly thank Hero In My Hood for providing over 150 children with coloring books as well as posters. It was an absolute huge hit at our Childrens Christmas Lunch in December. 

We live in an underprivileged community where many families live well below the breadline. Christmas to many is non existent as families simply cannot afford the luxury of a Christmas meal, let alone new clothes or Christmas presents.  Our team at The Voice of the Voiceless Tafelsig decided to host our kiddies Christmas lunch and it was a huge success. Because of your lovely donation of coloring books and posters each child walked away with not only a lovely warm meal, meeting Santa Claus but also a lovely gift packet  which would not have been complete without your generous donation. The kids were in absolute awe and the educational posters were a hit, not only educating the kids about Corona Virus but their parents as well.

Pictures will follow. Apologies for the delay as I am having difficulty having the pictures exported from my Digital Camera. 

Thank you once again.”

  • Maliyah Solomons 

The Voice of The Cape article about Tafelsig

Photo: The Voice of the Cape

Khula-Khanye-Non-Profit – Brakpan, Gauteng

Thanks to Moni & Felix, Prince Tamane from Khula-Khanye in Brakpan was able to hand out Hero in my Hood activity books to the children at their Back to School Drive at Tsakane New Mega Primary,Sizuzile Primary,Phumula Gardens Secondary school and Matshediso LSEN! Thank you so much!

Visit their FaceBook page

REACH – Eersterivier Community.

•Reach is a Cape Town Based Non-Profit Organisation, currently working in the Eersterivier Community.• Their MISSION is to REACH, inspire & motivate their community kids through education and life skills.

Thanks to Moni & Felix the REACH children now have Hero in my Hood activity books to use in their virtual reading club. Thanks!

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KAWS, Kleinmond Animal Welfare – Western Cape

GroundUp article about Kleinmond

 Photo: Ashraf Hendricks, GroundUp

Thanks to Moni & Felix KAWS now have the wonderful addition of Lucky’s activity book and the Covid-19 handouts for their education classes. Pictured above are children from a local welfare home during an educational visit.

”Thank you so much for sending the books!’
‘Our aim is to educate children from the surrounding area on how to take care of their pets, their needs and when they must be vaccinated, dewormed and sterilized. If we can educate the children, we hope to have a generation of responsible pet owners. We have a situation in our area where so many of the dogs in the impoverished community are on chains, unfortunately due to the fact that most of the properties are not fenced this is the only way of keeping them off the streets, so we advise them on how to use a running chain which is less restrictive.”

Karin de Beer

Administration Officer, Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society

Amy Foundation – Western Cape

”The Amy Foundation, formerly Amy Biehl Foundation,  in the Western Cape – South Africa,   is a non-profit organisation that offers programmes which develop and empower youngsters, aged 5 – 35 yrs from challenged and vulnerable communities.

Our after school programmes in Gugulethu and Bonteheuwel provide an environment that allows school-going children to overcome shortcomings in their education, by focusing on creativity the Amy Foundation aims to make learning enjoyable while fostering the drive to academic success.” – Amy Foundation Website

Thanks to Moni & Felix we were able to donate books for their After School programme .

”We had a learning day at our main school in Athlone this Saturday where the books were presented. The kids were so excited. The teachers too. The books are going to be kept back under the teachers supervision for now.”

Tracey Younghusband

Amy Foundation

Redhill Animal Rescue – Western Cape

”Redhill Animal Rescue was started in April 2020 as a result of covid and the resultant loss of income to many families.  Redhill is Scarborough’s neighbouring community and groups were set up by the Scarborough community to help Redhill families.  The Animal Rescue  part of this drive was started with the aim to help feed the animals.  It was supposed to be a short term project but has grown so much in the last year expanding from feeding, to providing kennels, assisting with sick animals as Tears no longer comes to Redhill and sterilisation.   We have come to realise that the only way to help the animals in the long term is to help the people and the only way to do this affectively is through the children.  Education and sterilisation are our focus for 2021.  In collaboration with Funda Ninja in Natal and the the Underdog charity here in Cape Town we are starting a similar style education drive at Redhill.   We are still gathering the materials with a lot of input from Michelle from Underdog.  The plan is to have a fun training session with the children and their dogs followed by a short lesson.  The lessons will cover correct feeding, recognising illnesses, the importance of strilization, and most importantly empathy.   Children with empathy will be kind to their animals and later their partners and own children.  We are still very early in the process but are very excited at the plan going forward.  A book like Hero in My Hood will be a fabulous addition to this learning process.  We are very lucky to have an experienced primary school teacher able to help with the lessons and two dog trainers available to help with the dog training side.” – The Redhill Animal Rescue Team

Thanks to Moni & Felix we were able to donate books for their education class – Thank you!

”Thanks so much for these wonderful books! They really helped bring together what we are trying to achieve through our training programme. Basically just awakening empathy, friendship and trust between the children and their dogs.”

Redhill Animal Rescue

The Guardians of The National Treasure – Lavender Hill, Western Cape

Thanks to Moni & Felix’s sponsorship, Ralph Bowers from the GNT received copies of The Freestyle Stars and Our Plastic Pollution for the children in their community programmes. The GNT is a non-profit organisation that helps under-privileged children and families on a daily basis with food, education, clothing, sports and other activities in Lavender Hill, Cape Town, South Africa.

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Youth Pet Care, Nazrudeen Adams – Lavender Hill, Western Cape

Thanks to Moni & Felix we were able to donate copies of Lucky’s activity book to Nazrudeen who runs a pet care organisation in Lavender Hill.

Youth Pet Care supports struggling pet owners, raises awareness about animal welfare, and “teaches the new generation about caring for animals to stop future animal cruelty”. His project does outreach in other areas including Westlake, Hout Bay, and Mitchells Plain.

Read about his organisation

visit their Face Book page

Animal Lifeline – Western Cape

We were able to donate some of Moni & Felix’s books to Animal Lifeline, who work with Nazrudeen on the Cafe flats and in Westlake. We are so grateful that we are able to reach these communities and educate the children about pet care – thank you!!

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Photos to follow.

more projects to follow – watch this space…